Music Theory

Music Theory

Music Theory For the Non-Musician

Music theory is the language of musical construction. Those who understand the language of music theory can build their own music out of different elements. To do this, one must understand the fundamental elements of music. One is the understanding of what pitch is, a sound being the result of a combination of several elements, not just one.

The element of melody is one of the most important elements to understand in music theory. It is a Participating factor in every piece of music. We can associate pitch with the rhythm of the piece, the harmonic rich quality which gives a piece of music its distinctive quality.

A without a melody, a piece of music is not complete. Some composers begin with the melody and then build upon it. Even early works by Beethoven and Mozart are filled with a melody that Suns the piece and makes it richer and more enjoyable to the listener.

To create a melody out of your own, first sit down with your instrument (piano or guitar, saxophone or violin) to decide upon the basic melody. Be sure that you know the major scale because it is the starting point to all musical theory. This is the branch of study that guides you to understand how chords are built, how to create chords, how to recognize chords, and how to play scales.

After you have chosen a melody to begin building on, you should work one measure at a time, starting with the root. Often, you will build on the melody and finish by extending the melody to a higher or lower pitch. The notation of sheet music gives a measure to each measure, so you are able to mark a note when you wish. The notation also gives a measure number. This is the way to know how many beats there are in each measure.

After you have built the melody to your satisfaction, you can now take your first step into the field of musical harmony. You will need to learn chords. There are two options in writing a chord progression: chord or written melody. To method writing a chord progression the composer will write several different chords that work well together. A common chord progression is made up of the 1, 4, and 5 chords from the key of C: C, F, and G.

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Whichever method you choose, start with the chord that sounds the best together – the root. After you have chosen this chord, you will have the entire set of potential chords for your key. If you wish, you can leave out any chord that does not sound good with the melody. Now you can put them in any order and have a melody that is completely your own.

In order to start, you will just need to pick a key. If you are new to the piano, start at the middle C key. If you want to write a melody, start with the note F. Now you need to pick a common note – the 4th. Now you have the set of chords for your key by starting on the 4th note of the C scale: C, F, and G.

Anybody can start writing lyrics. It is a great skill that can be grown over time. The more you write, the better you will become. You can even choose to use a minor scale for your melody, but writing your melody with the help of a guitar or piano will make it sound better.

Now you need to work on the structure of your song. In a similar way that you learned how to play different chords, you can learn to write a song. Start by writing the lyrics, according to the song structure you have chosen.

Have a new song in mind? You can find hundreds of songs from different genres on the Internet. The lyrics are written with chord progressions, which is an easy concept to master, since all progressions are composed of only seven chords.

If you need help on this, then you do not need to worry to much. The Internet is the greatest resource for musical compositions. With some help from the Internet, you can find out how to play easy songs on your guitar. Moreover, there are also tutorials that will help you to write songs [].

Remember that learning to play the guitar does not have to be hard. You may like to try other options of learning to play the guitar, but if you keep at it, you will be an expert by the end of your generation.