Sell Your Songs in a Bad Economy


How to Successfully Sell Your Songs in a Bad Economy

sell Your Songs in a Bad Economy : You’re wondering, “How do I sell my songs, especially in a bad economy?” Well, I have some helpful information for you.

First, decide what your fans want. Songs are something people like. And most people like songs. I don’t care if you’re selling beef – I mean, seriously. You’re not trying to get out of hard work into something so trivial. If you treat your craft like a business, you will see sales.

Of course, you’re not going to sell tons of books. That doesn’t work. People are looking for something that they can vibe to. Tapping into that (verbally) is different. Make your music what people want to hear.

Be your #1.The best way to brand yourself is by being #1 yourself. I’m not talking about playing some basement show for 10 people. I’m talking about some major label, radio friendly, money making, brand building shows. If you have the ear of the board, you will move some product. But you will also generate a lot of it.

patrons want to feel like they know you. Like you’re not coming in with the guitar strapped around your neck. You’re not coming in with aSW buckle on either. And trust me – people will look for little things that add to your brand.

Props go a long way.It doesn’t hurt to have a cool logo, a nice picture, and a YouTube or CD promo of some sort. That goes a long way to branding yourself.

The logo should be attractive and bold. It should be different from yours or the band’s regular logo. Heck, if you’re the coolest, awesome band on Earth, you may want to use a logo reminiscent of your band’s logo. But if you’re just starting out, use something simple.

It helps to describe your sound.CCM Artists tends to get described as, “Hard Rock, USA.” That description says a lot about what the band is and who its audiences are.

Lets use a New York Morse code as an example. Say you were looking at a ” Morse code guitar chart book. You see a chart with several different siren designs.

sell Your Songs in a Bad Economy

Now you know what the Morse code represents, but how do you learn to play it?

Learning how to play fast is fun. Find songs you love and look them up. The best way is to find a teacher who teaches the style you want to learn. That’s hard because…

When you go looking online for lessons, you will find that the lessons are vague and unstructured. Just do a web search for free lessons. The lessons are only structured when you have paid.

The problem with free lessons is that you don’t know what the instructor knows, or how experienced he is. You will be taught to fast forward through parts that you will probably forget.

Remember the old computer instruction tapes? Those didn’t work either. Those methods are boring and frustrating to an absolute beginner. They featured moving pictures and moving tape or slow boring text.

Get yourself an access to advanced video lesson materials. Internet is the best place to start because you can search using keywords. Some of the best lessons are those on YouTube, of course. You don’t need to pay for them, just download and use them for your learning.

If you don’t want to spend the money, the way to go is to find a respected teacher and get private lessons. Which of course, costs money.

You can also take a course that is online and have access to audio-visual materials. That way, you can see and hear the lessons and techniques demonstrated. The upside is that you can get started right away

Another way is to find an all inclusive package that includes all of these methods. Internet lessons are the best way to go. You can find them in a form of DVD’s and downloadable programs. You can even use a program that you have at home.

Ultimately, you will need to search around and test the waters. Some instructors are virtuoso players, while others are more of an asset to the students. That will ultimately be up to you, the student

Bennie Edwards

So, as you search for internet guitar lessons, remember that just because someone has a slick website, it doesn’t mean that they know to play a guitar. With a little searching you should find some valuable direction.